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Welcome to the 3rd Annual North Carolina International South Asian Film Festival .


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FILM selections  2015

bodhon: The Voyage Within

BHOPAL: A prayer for rain

The story is contemporary, happening in today’s globalized world in a high middle class family in modern Kolkata, India. It is the journey of Archishman (Archi), in early forties, a highly successful professional working in MNC and his wife Ishaani, a lady of mid-thirties, spanning across ten years from their marriage to present day, shown in flashback mode.  (English Subtitles)

Interwoven stories of people in India and US as they face dilemmas of life time in the months leading to the biggest Industrial disaster in human history that claimed 10,000 innocent lives within a few hours. Inspired by real events.

(In English)

teenakhon: Three Obessions

TARA: A journey of love and passion

Teenkahon is a triptych film in Bengali by  filmmaker Bauddhayan Mukherji.


It is a rare international art house film from Bengal which, as a piece of social document, tries to capture the changing face of morality, the degeneration of values, the increasing pollution of the spoken language and the changing social fabric of Bengal through three stories. (English Subtitles)


Merely a few hundred kilometers away from the hustle and bustle of the fanatically fast paced Mumbai city lies the deceptively sleepy village of Tanda. A village girl Tara seems to be content with her confined life, very much in love with her liquor maker husband. But, when the beautiful protagonist’s seemingly mundane existence parts ways to reveal the unspoken realities of exploitation and darkness enveloping the village, she leads the villagers in their quest for survival, only to realize that she is up against something she may not be prepared to fight against prejudice. The young woman who bravely stood up for the whole community finds herself cruelly alienated in her most vulnerable moment.  (English Subtitles)

a journey to her smile

A film on an extremely current and relevant topic of today's times - Child Safety. This is an issue generally pushed under a carpet. The rise of child abuse and rape cases in India is a reason for concern on all levels. With this film, I intend to get this issue out in the open and provide an impetus for rigorous discussion.  (Enlgish Subtitles)



Khazana tells the story of newly wed bride Vaidehi, who after undergoing emotional, mental and ultimately physical abuse takes a stand and sets out to take her revenge on those who destroyed her. She calls all her friends and family to a dinner planned by herself, so that secrets can be revealed and shocking revelations made. She pretends that everyone is there to save her and help her escape the trauma that she is bearing, but secretly she has pre planned the dinner, so that she can expose everyone's true character and also what they have done to her. (In Enlgish)



Avathali vaipu: THE OTHER SIDE

TYoung Jaya survives brutal gang life on Mumbai's unforgiving streets by posing as a boy. When she meets a wealthy businessman who may be the father who abandoned her, she sets out to reclaim her identity, in this engrossing drama       (English Subtitles)

 ‘Avathalivaipu' story is the suffering of parents stranded back home, who are deprived of the affection and love of their children living abroad. In this movie of portraying delicate familial relations on the screen.   The movie depicts the agonizing feelings of parents yearning for the proximity and love of their children in the old age. The story of Gaur Bairagi, a noted Bengali writer, is translated in to Telugu by Nalimela Bhaskar.  Bhoopal Reddy, a famed actor of art movies like ‘Maa Bhoomi ‘ and ‘Dasi’ and  prominent actors like Kakarala, Bindu Madhavi and Lakshmi Alapati, have portrayed their roles very naturally in the movie.             (English Subtitles)

BIg Time: My Doodled diary

As “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” dominates the pop charts, Maya writes in her diary everything that rocks her teenage world, from the assassination of Indira Gandhi and her parents’ divorce, to the latest pimple that made its appearance. But suddenly not much else seems to matter when a new girl arrives at school. A delightful and intimate exploration of youthful obsession, budding sexuality and what it means to be a teenager, which all too often sucks, big time.

 (English Subtitles)

peace, daal & Partition

In 1947, British India was divided into India and Pakistan. Millions of people were killed as a result of the mass-movement of people. In this documentary short, Paisley Smith explores her family history during the chaos of Partition. Her grandmother witnessed the murder of her father. Despite hearing the stories of Partition from her grandma, Paisley had a lot more to discover. She examines why her mother refuses to talk about her childhood as an immigrant in Canada. Paisley discovers that there are holes in the stories told about Partition. 'Peace, Daal, & Partition' attempts to bring three generations of family together, heal the wounds of Partition, and explain painful histories..

(English Subtitles)

just a prayer

'Just A Prayer' follows Anita, a Muslim woman who seems to have her life together, but who is deeply dissatisfied with her life and the path she sees ahead of her. In making a major decision that she believes will bring her happiness and opportunity, she discovers only unexpected regret and loss. Anita eventually finds solace through a Catholic group, and a few years later, we find her living in a convent as a novitiate. The film is grounded in the present, but flows between her life now as a novice and the events of five years ago that have lead her here.

 (In English)


Vishal, a 22-year old international student, finds himself in a dingy, crowded suburban basement, trying to determine how he can balance work and school. Engrossed with his longing for home, and his inability to confess to his mother the hardships he suffers daily, Vishal is persuaded by his roommate Sourav to skip school and start work at an Indian restaurant. The chaos, and the workers remind of home, but also foreshadow what life can and probably will be for the next few years. His conversation with Dev during a delivery run disheartens him, as Dev’s comfort with living a life of limbo seems more normal than unnatural. An incident at work further reaffirms the doubts he has of studying in Canada, away from home.    (English Subtitles)

a good match

The story revolves around an Indian-American housewife struggling to cope with an unhappy marriage. She is frustrated with her lack of courage in taking a stand and yet is determined to make a better life for her daughter. Her contact with the outside world is mainly through her daughter who is a college going student studying in India and her friend and tenant who is an independent working woman. As the protagonist struggles between different options to break out of her stifling circumstances, she realizes that she needs to find the courage within herself if she wants to grow into the kind of person she herself could respect.  (English Subtitles)


The North Carolina International South Asian Film Festival is a 501(3)c nonprofit organization and all donations are tax-deductible, so please consider becoming  a sponsor: contact or use our contact us form to get more information on sponsorship opportunities.


A schedule of screening times will be available on January 24, 2017 after final film selections have been made.  You will be able to reserve your free tickets via Eventbrite. Click on the Ticket Image Below & Reserve!


Saturday, May 30, 2015   @ 11:00 am  to 1:30 pm


Vishal  (10 mins)   |    Just a Prayer  (12 mins)    |   Jaya  (18 mins)   |   Peace, Daal & Partition  (25 mins)    |   Journey to her Smile   (1 hr 10 mins)



SATURDAY, MAY 30, 2015 @  2:00 PM  to  4:00 PM


A Good Match  (20 mins)    |    Big Time: My Doodled Dairy   (11 mins)   |    Khazana   ( 72 mins)



SATURDAY, MAY 30, 2015  @  4:30 pm  to  6:30 pm      * Special  Feature Sponsored by Vivek Yadav, Akkina Murthy & Dr. Narendra Singh*


Bhopal: A prayer for Rain    (90 mins) 


Sunday, May 31, 2015   @  11:00 am  to  1:30 pm


Avathali Vaipu: The Other Side  (28 mins)    |    TARA  (1 hr 45 mins)



Sunday, May 31, 2015   @  2:00 pm  to  4:00 pm


Teenakhon: The Three Obessions  ( 1 hr 40 mins)



Sunday, May 31, 2015   @  4:30 pm  to  6:30 pm

Bodhon: The Voyage Within  ( 1 hr 20 mins)





Please submit films through the link provided:  * SUBMISSION PERIOD IS CLOSED *


IMPORTANT NOTE: If your film is on Youtube, Netflix, Amazon, or any other site for sale, we will not screen your movie at the festival.  This film festival is an opportunity for filmmakers who do not have any other avenue to showcase their films besides film festivals, additionally, your film must not screen within 100 miles of our location as soon as your film is a chosen film until the festival is over.  If we notice any of the above, we will not screen your film and take it off our Agenda for the festival screening.


Submission Deadlines:       Earlybird Deadline          Early Deadline             Regular  Deadline            Late Deadline            Extended Deadline

                                                 February 17, 2015              March 13, 2015             April 3, 2015                        April 17, 2015              April 17, 2015







The goal of the North Carolina International South Asian Film Festival (NCISAFF) is to promote and celebrate filmmakers and actors of all backgrounds (South Asians and Non-South Asians) who bring forth films of South Asian themes. Representing a wide range of genres and forms, including documentary, drama, comedy, action, animation, and shorts, the festival aims to promote South Asians/Non South Asians in the film industry across the world—from Bollywood, to Hollywood, to independent filmmakers. By showcasing these works of art, we hope to inspire all those who love filmmaking and to encourage aspiring actors and filmmakers.


North Carolina International South Asian Film Festival is a 501(3)c nonprofit organization.  Your donations are tax deductible.




Gauri Singh, Founder


Gauri is Organizer and one of the founders of the not-for-profit organization behind the NC International South Asian Film Festival, NC. She is a filmmakers, and her two films, "Welcome to North Carolina" and "Yadvi- The Dignified Princess", currently playing in other film festivals.



Dilip Barman


Dilip Barman is the film reviewer for "Saathee", a magazine that serves the South Asian population of the Carolinas, Georgia, Southern Virginia, and Northern Florida. He has taught classes about the films of Satyajit Ray and Yasujiro Ozu.  He has both an arts and technology background and teaches for a variety of colleges and arts centers courses ranging from film studies to design, computer science, mathematics, cooking, nutrition, and photography. He is also an award-winning professional photographer and vegan chef.  Dilip's homepage is



Laura Boyes


Laura Boyes is the North Carolina Museum of Art Film Curator. She is on the screening committee for the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival, and is contributing film reviewer to the Independent Weekly.



Ketu Patel


Ketu has been fascinated with films ever since she saw her first Bollywood film at the age of 4. She has been working in the nonprofit sector for the last 12 years and is a co-founder of Grow by Design, an educational nonprofit helping students cultivate their creative confidence.  Ketu has also worked in a large multinational organization but her passion has always been to give back to her community and engage in social entrepreneurship.



Diana Kelley


Diana loves to go to the movies, love action, sci-fi and fantasy as well as other genres.  She has been running the Raleigh Movie Fans meetup since March, 2011 and enjoys meeting new people and seeing great movies.



Kimberley Basnight


President and CEO of Echos Media Design Agency, is an entrepreneur, innovator, speaker, and mentor.


Having spent more than two decades working with some of the nation’s top business leaders in Fortune 500 companies, Kimberley ventured into entrepreneurship in order to help businesses and entrepreneurs succeed in the marketplace by leveraging her business transformation, organizational change, program management expertise, and her passion for restructuring and building.


Echos Media is headquartered in Durham, North Carolina, and provides a full portfolio of digital media services and solutions such as web design, video production, and strategic marketing services. Kimberley is passionate about “giving back”, and is very involved in philanthropic work impacting both in the US and abroad











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